Tingkat Pendidikan, Literasi Keuangan, dan Perencanaan Keuangan terhadap Perilaku Keuangan UMKM di Surakarta

Ari Susanti, . Ismunawan, . Pardi, Elia Ardyan



This study aims to determine the level of education, financial literacy, and financial planning in Small and Medium Enterprises in Surakarta and its influence on financial behavior. The sample of research is 115 MSMEs residing in Surakarta. Data analysis using multiple linear analysis. The results showed that the level of education, financial literacy, and financial planning have a positive and significant impact on the financial behavior of MSMEs. Its managerial implica­tions are needed to foster a healthy understanding of financial behavior in MSMEs by attending various training on finance and management of small and medium enterprises.


education level, financial literacy, financial behavior, financial planning, MSME’s

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.35917/tb.v18i1.93


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